Conveyancing for Buyers

Pitt Street Conveyancing will protect your interests and make the settlement process as smooth as possible when you buy your new property

Buying a Property?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced property investor, the solicitors at Pitt Street Conveyancing will provide you with a tailored service depending on your needs

After 24 years, Pitt Street Conveyancing’s Solicitors know exactly how to guide you and protect your interests throughout the process of buying your new property.

We can:

  • Review your contract for you and negotiate any amendments

  • Search and investigate the title of the property (and bring any relevant matters to your attention before you proceed with the purchase)

  • Ascertain whether you’re due any stamp duty concessions

  • Finalise settlement for you and answer any queries you may have throughout the process

Why Hire a Solicitor?

Unfortunately sometimes things don’t go as planned. You may have found your dream home, at the right price and in the perfect location… but there are many things that can go wrong.

The solicitors at Pitt Street Conveyancing will provide you with sensible, practical guidance as to your rights and obligations and how to best resolve issues if and when they arise. We’ve done this many times and seen it all before. So we can guide you through the process.

We Make Your Job Easier

A solicitor from Pitt Street Conveyancing will guide you through the process (and take care of most of the paperwork, phone calls and legwork for you)


Experience You Can Trust

You’ll be protected by the depth of experience and knowledge of the solicitors at Pitt Street Conveyancing.


We Work to Your Timeframes

Your Solicitor from Pitt Street Conveyancing will do everything they can to complete your transaction as quickly as possible

Why Choose Pitt Street Conveyancing?

Pitt Street Conveyancing solicitors take a proactive approach to conveyancing, and we work hard to push your transaction along.

After 24 years in the industry, there aren’t many situations we haven’t seen when it comes to conveyancing. We will communicate with you, your agent and your lender promptly and regularly throughout the transaction to make the process as smooth as possible.

We aim to make the process as stress free for you as it can be. We will review the contract, negotiate the necessary amendments, speak with your lender and do as much as we possibly can for you to ensure a smooth settlement – all without bothering you with unnecessary questions or demands.

Our Conveyancing Process for Buyers

Before you Exchange Contracts with the Vendor
  • Speak to your lender and work out how much you can borrow and what you can pay for a property


  • Ask your lender for a loan pre-approval. This pre-approval will usually be conditional on two things
    1.  That the lender is satisfied with the value of the property you decide to buy.
    2.  That your situation has not changed since the pre-approval was given


  • Once you have found your property and negotiated the price contact Pitt Street Conveyancing so we can arrange to review the contract for you and negotiate any amendments


  • Let your lender know that you have found a property and ask for an unconditional loan approval


  • Organise a pest and building report (if you’re a buying a house) or a strata report (if you’re buying a unit, apartment, villa or townhouse). We can assist you with this if you need


  • Once you are ready to proceed you will need to organise the deposit, which is paid on exchange, and sign the contract. We will guide you through this process and arrange for contracts to be exchanged
After you Exchange Contracts with the Vendor
  • Arrange to sign the loan and mortgage documents with your lender


  • We will help you satisfy the requirements of your lender


  • If you are a first home buyer you may be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant. Check your eligibility here:


  • We can help you complete and submit your application for the First Home Grant if you are eligible


  • We will order and check remaining searches and let you know if your lender requires any additional searches


  • We will liaise with you prior to the settlement date to arrange for you to let us have funds for the payment of stamp duty and the balance of the settlement monies (i.e the difference between the sale price (plus all usual settlement adjustments and less the deposit already paid) and the amount being provided by your lender


  • We will arrange for the Contract and transfer to be stamped in readiness for settlement


  • We will liaise with your lender and the vendor’s solicitor or conveyance to co-ordinate settlement. This includes the preparation of settlement figures and the calculation of all usual settlement adjustments


  • Arrange a final inspection of the property with the real estate agent for the day of settlement
Settling Your Property Purchase
  • Organise with the agent to collect the keys and any alarm codes to your new property


  • We will attend at settlement and deliver to the vendor’s solicitor the settlement money. In return, we will receive the certificate of title and signed transfer


  • We will let you and the real estate agent know that settlement has taken place
After Settlement
  • If you have required a mortgage to purchase the property, we will lodge the Transfer and Notice of Sale with the Department of Lands and then send you your Title Deed once registered (you will need to pay a registration fee to the Department of Lands)


  • We will send you a letter reporting on the settlement


  • We will arrange forward payments of council rates, water rates and strata levies (if appropriate) to the relevant authority

The entire process should take just 4–6 weeks

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