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Conveyancing Services

Pitt Street Conveyancing is a business of Harris & Company and as such we can offer clients expertise and service in other areas such as:


Pitt Street Conveyancing will protect your interests and make the settlement process as smooth as possible when you buy your new property


Pitt Street Conveyancing can take the hassle out of selling your home – and remove the stress of paperwork, documentation and legal details


Harris & Company have a team of lawyers with extensive experience in the property development industry, including commercial, industrial, retail and residential property matters and can provide advice and assistance on the full ambit of property, planning and environmental issues thus providing a comprehensive service to clients from the beginning of the project to its conclusion.

We have a reputation of being prompt, efficient, practical and facilitative, helping the client achieve its desired outcomes. Regardless of the size of a project, clients will receive the same level of expertise and service. Our depth of experience allows us to identify potential problems and opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

  • Acquisitions
  • Retail, industrial, commercial and residential
  • Due diligence
  • Joint Venture and partnership agreements
  • Restrictive covenants and easements
  • Call and Put and call Options
  • Retail and Commercial Leasing
  • Aged care and retirement
  • Sales and Leasing
  • Planning and Environment
  • Sub-division
  • Building Contracts and Disputes
  • Joint Ventures
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Finance
  • Management issues
  • Dispute Resolution and litigation

Planning and Environment

Harris & Company has acted for numerous clients in relation to their planning and environment law issues. Our work within the private sector has enabled us to provide our clients with practical, strategic and knowledgeable advice in relation to environmental and planning issues.

In addition to providing advice on planning and environmental issues, we have a strong litigation and dispute resolution practice within the planning and environment sphere.

Our planning and environment group provides legal services in relation to:

  • obtaining, defending and challenging consents, permits, licences and other approvals;
  • interpreting planning controls and other regulatory requirements;
  • environmental and planning and other prosecutions;
  • environmental compliance and due diligence;
  • tribunal and court proceedings, including appeals and alternate dispute resolution;
  • resumptions, land compensation and the valuation of land;
  • heritage laws;
  • native vegetation and threatened species legislation;
  • the law and practice of government administration; and
  • other areas of the law concerning the use, development and management of land and resources and the carrying out of infrastructure projects.

General Counsel Services

Harris & Company is able to provide legal services to clients for a fixed price.

As many of our lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of the law, we are able to second to you an experienced in-house lawyer for a fixed amount of time per week/fortnight or month depending on your needs. We expect that for most medium size businesses the services of an in house lawyer one day per week is usually sufficient for most medium size businesses which cannot otherwise justify the cost of a full time in-house lawyer. This lawyer will work at your offices during that time, but he or she will also be available to you by at any other time via e-mail and telephone.

As your General Counsel, this lawyer will be responsible for handling all of your legal requirements. This in-house lawyer will be able to handle the vast majority of your legal requirements themselves. However, If the nature of the work (for example, for major, complex, or lengthy transactions or litigation) dictates that briefing out is required then your General Counsel will be well placed to recommend to you the most suitable lawyer for the job. Before any such briefing out is initiated, it will be discussed with you and your approval sought. The in–house lawyer will continue to manage the matter for you if so required.

We provide these General Counsel services for a fixed amount per month (plus reimbursement of our-of-pocket expenses) which is agreed in advance. If our quoted amount proves to be too low or too high for the amount for work undertaken as the secondment progresses, then we will discuss and agree suitable changes for future periods. Either party may terminate the arrangement at any time.

There are many benefits to you, which include:

  • Obtaining an experienced lawyer for a relatively low fixed monthly cost without the usual costs of employment e.g. superannuation, payroll tax and leave entitlements;
  • Flexibility and availability;
  • Back up and support resources (including administration, precedents, professional indemnity insurance, library, laptop with mobile internet access, mobile phone) from Harris & Company.

Private Clients

Although Harris & Company undertake general and complex transactional, litigious and commercial work in many areas of the law we have a strong Private Client Practice Group which is dedicated to servicing the needs of individual clients and small to medium businesses.

Many of our private clients need assistance with the purchase or sale of residential , commercial or rural property as well as assistance with their succession planning, wills, Powers of Attorney and guardianship issues, debt recovery and even certain criminal matters.

Our lawyers have a depth of experience across many areas of the law and will inevitable be able to assist you.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Harris & Company has an enviable record of success in the handling of major and minor disputes, whether through negotiation, mediation or the courts.

Our objective is to provide clients with realistic solutions to their problems.

These may involve alternative dispute resolution techniques to obtain worthwhile cost-effective results. In appropriate cases, legal process through the courts may be the only realistic option.

Litigation services include:

    • A full review of available options and the likely consequence of each course of action.
    • Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and negotiation.
    • Advocacy services by the firm’s own solicitors where appropriate and the briefing and support of barristers where required.

    Family Law

    We have acted in a large number of family and de facto relationship disputes, ranging from the extremely complex to the most straightforward.

    Our family law experts provide sound and sensitive advice in relation to financial and other problems arising on dissolution of marriage or de facto relationships.

    We also handle disputes about estates and the operation of wills.

    Relationships law services include:

    • Dissolving the marriage or relationship
    • Contact and Residence issues relating to children
    • Property Settlements for married or unmarried partners
    • Spouse Maintenance
    • Pre-marital and Co-habitation Agreements for married couples and opposite or same sex partners
    • Claims against deceased estates by family members or other eligible claimants

    Probate, Succession, Estate Planning and Estate Litigation

    Over the years, the firm has developed an extensive practice in the areas of will preparation, probate applications and estate management.

    The firm also provides advice on estate planning, trust law and the establishment and administration of trusts.

    Services include:

    • Preparation of Wills
    • Interpretation of Wills
    • Administration of Estates
    • Estate Planning

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