Choosing to sell your house is a big decision to make. This is just one of the many decisions you’ll need to make when you start this journey. You’ll need to think about when to sell, which real estate agent to choose, which sale method works best for you, and the best way to prepare your property for sale.

Another important decision that sellers will have to make is whether to engage a conveyancer or not. 


Do you need a conveyancer to sell your house?

At the end of the day, selling a property is a legal transaction. There are plenty of documents that need to be lodged and key dates that need to be met, all of which will be legally binding. 

While you aren’t legally required to have a conveyancer to sell your house, having one to handle the process for you is going to make your life a whole lot easier. 

Selling property is no easy feat. There are many steps involved and plenty of things that can go wrong. When there are large amounts of money involved, there are always going to be risks. That’s why it’s safer to err on the side of caution and have someone experienced to handle it for you.

If you choose to forgo a conveyancer, you have to be aware that you will be personally liable if there is a problem with the sale. Sometimes there are issues that arise or surprises in the sale process that only professionals would know about. 

Not only can a conveyancer help at every step of the way, they also give you sound, independent legal advice when you sell. That way you can approach your sale with confidence and peace of mind.


What’s involved in selling a house 

If you’ve never sold property before, it can be an overwhelming experience. Few people are aware of everything that is involved and expected of them in the sale process. For instance:

  • Would you know the names of all the documents that you have to include in a Contract for sale of land? (And where to find them?)
  • Would you know what information you are legally required to disclose to prospective buyers?
  • And about what items are usually included in a sale?
  • Or how to make amendments to the Contract so that they are legally binding?
  • Or your responsibilities as a seller at “exchange” and “settlement”?

Without professional help, not many property owners are able to answer all of these questions. This means that they may not be able to meet all of the legal requirements of preparing a Contract for sale. While some property owners try to save money by not engaging a conveyancer, the reality is that it can end up costing them a lot more if something goes wrong.


How to choose the right conveyancer

When looking for a conveyancer, it’s important to ensure a few things: they are a licenced property settlement lawyer, they have experience in property conveyancing, and they tailor their services depending on your needs. Apart from this, you should look for a conveyancer that is helpful, communicative, and thorough, as this will give you peace of mind in the sale process.

It also helps when a conveyancer offers a free quote. That way you can easily get an estimate of the costs involved. 

Your conveyancer will be able to help at every stage of the sale, from the beginning all the way through to after settlement. Did you know a residential property in NSW cannot be advertised for sale until a Contract of Sale has been prepared? Your conveyancer can play a key role in the sale process before you have even put your property on the market. 

Here’s some of the ways that your conveyancer ensures your sale goes smoothly:

  • They help prepare the legal documents such as the Contract of Sale and ensure any special conditions you require are included.
  • They conduct all the title and planning searches that go into the final statement. This shows you have met all the disclosure obligations according to your local law.
  • They manage everything during the settlement process to ensure the sale is legal.
  • They organise a land survey to ensure the boundaries of the property are accurately represented.
  • They check with the local council to ensure your property complies with council building regulations.
  • And they will represent you in dealings with the buyer, including negotiating the terms of the contract and acting as the liaison between you and the buyer’s solicitor.


If you’re looking for a conveyancer to help sell your property in NSW, Pitt Street Conveyancing offers a reliable, value for money service for transactions big and small. If you’d like to know more about our services or have questions about selling a house, get in touch with our team today.