Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced property investor, a conveyancer helps you buy or sell property so that the process runs smoothly and successfully. They can do as little and as much as you need and provide key legal advice along the way. Finding a conveyancer that tailors their services to suit your needs will provide peace of mind, and the most important thing–value for money.

The most important things that a conveyancer can do for you include:


Prepare documents 

For selling property, a conveyancer will draw up the Contract of Sale and ensure that any special conditions or requirements are included in the final contract. They can also prepare the Vendor’s Statement, ensuring you  meet all of the obligations in your state or territory. 

These are the two most important documents that a conveyancer can prepare for sellers, but they can also prepare further ancillary documents that are part of the settlement process. Preparing all the necessary documents will help to protect you from any potential conflict down the track. 

For buying property, they will prepare all of the transfer documents that are required to secure the rightful and legal transfer of property to you. They will also read over the Contact of Sale and other documents supplied by the seller to ensure that there are no hidden surprises or undesirable clauses. Having someone representing your best interests in this process will give you peace of mind that nothing is missed. 


Organise settlement 

Conveyancers will organise everything you need at settlement and be able to represent you when both parties meet to finalise settlement. 

For selling property, they will ensure all documents are finalised and everything is prepared for settlement day. They will meet with the buyers representative and ensure everything runs smoothly for you. After settlement, they will make sure everything is lodged and the final details are organised, such as informing your real estate agent so they can hand the keys over to the buyer.

For buying property, they will liaise with the seller’s representative to organise settlement and ensure the transfer happens without problem. They can also talk to your bank to ensure that funds are in place for settlement. After settlement is reached, they will tie up any loose ends and contact the seller’s real estate agent to ensure your new home is ready.


Legal advice

On top of handling the process of buying or selling property, conveyancers also provide legal advice every step of the way. They know the ins and outs of the industry, as well as what is legally required of you in the state you live in. The advice they provide can be invaluable and may help you avoid making costly mistakes. 

But that’s not all that conveyancer’s can do. At Pitt Street Conveyancing, we also offer services in:


Transferring property

If you simply want to transfer the whole or part of a property to a third party or family member, then Pitt Street Conveyancing can assist in this process. Although it might seem like a simple process, there are a few legal issues that a conveyancer can advise you on. 

We have over 24 years experience, so we are able to guide you through almost any situation related to the buying, selling or transferring of properties.



If you are looking to refinance your loan, we can also help you transfer your mortgage to your new lender. It can be a stressful process, so we can review and advise on the loan and mortgage documents from your new lender as well as coordinate the discharge of your current lender’s mortgage. If you are refinancing an existing loan, we can help you through the refinancing process.



We have extensive experience in acting for developers and builders in litigious and non litigious construction matters. We can help with any number of construction projects, such as turnkey projects, design and construct contracts, infrastructure construction contracts, and Home Owners Warranty Insurance. 

We appreciate the importance of clearly assigning risks and responsibility in construction contracts. This is definitely an area where prevention is better than cure.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our clients also include businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries. We can provide commercial services for the Purchase and Sale of Businesses, Trust and Company Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Compliance, and much more. 


Planning and Environment 

We have acted for numerous clients in relation to their planning and environment law issues. Our work within the private sector has enabled us to provide our clients with practical, strategic and knowledgeable advice in relation to environmental and planning issues.

Our services include:

  • obtaining, defending and challenging consents, permits, licences and other approvals;
  • interpreting planning controls and other regulatory requirements;
  • environmental and planning and other prosecutions;
  • environmental compliance and due diligence;
  • resumptions, land compensation and the valuation of land;
  • heritage laws;
  • and much more. 


If you are looking for a conveyancer in Sydney for your next purchase or sale, we can provide expert advice and services tailored to your specific needs. If you’d like to learn more about what’s involved in conveyancing and how we can help, get in touch with us today.